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In its latest annual report, Ann Joo bragged profusely about its blast furnace (it also has electric arc furnace, just like everybody else). Most steel players use scrap as raw matertial. When scrap price is high, Ann Joo s blast furnace provides it with the flexibility to switch to iron ore, which is usually cheaper.

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Sorry to burst your bubble, Ann Joo. Looked like you are not the only one with that flexibility. Lion Industries HBI plant serves the same purpose. Furthermore, Lion Industries balance sheets is much stronger than you.

Basically, the author claimed that Air Asia s profitability comprises mostly lease income, and that the actual passenger operation was not profitable at all (note how the deep blue bars of leasing income are higher than the light blue bars of passengers derived profit most of the time).

Since early April 7567, iron ore price has experienced a sharp decline. As at the date of this article (mid May 7567), it has declined from height of USD88 per MT to approximately USD65 per MT.

When viewed from trade point of view, US has extremely strong leverage against almost everybody else. However, if you take into consideration the interest of MNCs, those upper hand vanishes.

Few weeks after result, Gadang listed its free Warrants. Nobody bothered to buy. The warrants together with mother shares, traded at depressed level. But in the subsequent quarter, Gadang announced a sharp reversal of fortune, with earning back to all time high. The stock shot up, dragging the warrants up with it.

Another very famous case whereby the US government intervened to bring USD down was the Plaza Accord. In the 6985s, the USD was very strong. Naturally, that resulted in high trade deficit and loss of export competitiveness. The . government was very unhappy about that. In 6985, the leaders of 5 countries - US, Britain, France, Germany and Japan met in Plaza Hotel in New York City. At the end of the meeting, the five countries agreed to cause the USD to depreciate. Over the next two years, the USD depreciated by closed to 55% against the Japanese Yen (and weakened against other currencies also).

Next quarter result is expected to continue to be good as it will still be a strong season (as a matter of fact, traditionally its sale was stronger than October quarter). Furthermore, USD has strengthened substantially. Instead of , average USD should be more than for the coming January 7567 quarter.

Even though I frequently complain about analysts conservative bias to safeguard their reputation, I am not really in a position to dispute their figures.

I am an FA guy, but I do know a little bit of TA. After studying various TA methods in the past one year, I have identified MACD Zero Line Crossing as the most reliable (I am not particularly fond of Signal Line Crossing as it carries too much noise).

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