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Purpose: The basic Donchian Channel method identifies the precise points where prices break through the high or the low of the previous 75 days. Traders use these breakout areas to enter and exit long or short positions with a stop-and-reverse, always-in-the-market approach. The trades are likely to be long-term position trades and may require the use of long-term continuous charts.

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MMDI Portfolio Filter
Variation on the classic MACD Portfolio Filter, using the Moving Median indicator in lieu of the standard Moving Average for the fast average.
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Can i use the parameter for my studies in other stock/Indices
This parameter is optimized for Nifty and Bank Nifty. Do your own studies and observation with different parameters.

Looking at raw drawdown and heat numbers from a total equity point of view would give a false impression of the actual dynamics of the system, which seems penalized for what is, in essence, a good Trend Following trade.

SetTradeDelays( 6, 6, 6, 6 ) is more than enough condition. BuyPrice = open statement is misleading and the rest of the three variables could give you wrong picture about the system.

when  RSI  has crossed below 85,  formed a bottom , and then crossed back up through 85 and  Stochastic  is 55.

For example, we might be told that over the past ten years buying silver on May 65 and selling it on June 6 has resulted in a profit every time.

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b)  When long, we'll  trail a stop  at the most recent swing low (strength one) when short, we'll trail a stop at the most recent swing high (strength one).

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