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• The majority of all economic reports are released around the start of the New York trading session since both Europe and New York are open at this time. All USD and CAD economic news comes out during or near the New York trading session.

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I just started getting in to trading and coming across this is making me doubt my strategy. Is it possible to still be successful on a smaller time scale? I have been trading on a 9 hour, 6 hour, and 65 min scale depending on if I am looking for a trend or entry, then set my stops accordingly. I don 8767 t sit glued staring at charts for hours on end, I check back a few times to see if I have a confirmed entry signal and that 8767 s it.

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Nothing like the American market open lunch. Great article and many trader 8767 s need to make a decision about when they trade and stick to it!

As you may have guessed these over-lapping periods within the three trading sessions are the times when volume and volatility rise to peak levels. The over-lap of the London and New York trading sessions between 8am and 67pm EST is typically the best time to trade, because this is when the world’s two most active trading centers cross as the London session is closing the New York session is opening. Many traders strictly trade this four hour time window because it is typically a very volatile and liquid time to trade the forex market.

This is probably one of the best articles I have read about fx trading. Nial you are spot on here man. I have found no success with the 5 min set up and you are right I am chasing nothing but emotion with the lower time frames. I will admit this fault and change it today. I can tell by your comments that this article stuck a cord with a lot of us traders. Much success to everyone on this board that seemed to absorb this information so well. Nial my man. Keep doing what you are doing, DAILY!!

• After European markets close, volatility and liquidity tend to die down during the late-afternoon New York trading session.

Awesome article, another Great insight and definitely soooooo much truth in what you say, I thank you Nial for really opening my eyes in this forex business.

You are the best,article is clear and It Explains in a very simple and easy for take your time and all Your help.

Thanks for the lesson. The seductive shorter time frames are a real trap. Really appreciate the importance of changing my midset and using the daily charts as a baseline. Thanks once again

A legitimate forex company has no reason to register itself in Vanuatu. A Ponzi scheme fronting as a forex company though will probably get away for it as long as nobody files a complaint.

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