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Thanks karl you are the best i also would like to know the combination that would be the best for between 5 to 85min time frame.

My Story: How I Lost 50% of My Capital Before Turning Into

Hi really enjoy the three products i have from you. they are extremely accurate, and do exactly as you said they would.
one question please about the trend -flat am using your

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Li-Ion (Poli)bat
Min V= ?
Midle=- (Li-Ion Li-Pol)
end of Charging Sel Kill +
Kill it Fast +

seems to me this is a flashlight problem, not a battery problem. The light works when you unscrew the cap a little bit. I think your battery and charger are OK. Maybe tightening the cap puts too much pressure on parts inside the flashlight.

Gary Thanks for the update you are inspiring me to get off the oxycodone.
Go slow and steady , I have a fractured low back vertebrae and knees without ligaments or cartilage. Both conditions are painful. Bought some Austrian Dream and Blue Emu , and they do help with the burning pain.
Trying to get Medicade so I can get knee surgery, then plan to get off the pain meds. But sometimes I think thats just an excuse to keep taking them.

I bought a new Moto G phone and it came without a charger. Manual says that all microUSB chargers that give current between 555-6555mA is fine. I have two choices for the charger, 755mA or 6755mA and I 8767 ve been thinking about that which one is better in the long run?

I want to build some kind of portable 8775 Power Block 8776 where an solar paneel keeps some paralell connected Li-Ion cells (at least 65Ah) charged. It should deliver approximately 655mAh for some LEDs every night and as much capacity as possible when needed a few times per year.

Many people cry and are in pain because with less opiates in the body, the endorphins run low, causing increased proneness to emotional and physical pain. It can be really hard to get through, but once you quit and get through it, you have your freedom back.

can Li-ion batteries be trickle charged via a portable solar charger?
and can this cause any damage to the battery?

I can t even believe how much this article helped me. I ve been thinking and also trying not to think about breaking up with my boyfriend for like a month now. It s been really hard because we still have really good moments but I know it s unfair to keep dragging this on when I want to break up. It s going to totally blindside him and probably be the hardest thing I ve ever done, but I think I have the courage to do it now.

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