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Now back in the days of yore, I was always taught that that’s a reversal situation because it 8767 s so extreme. And unfortunately then I actually started trading and I found out that wasn’t really so true. It is extreme. And sometimes the market will reverse off of that but again it 8767 s really got to do with the dominant direction of the market. The market is in a dominant direction down. So it goes down, retraces a little bit. Goes down again. What’s happened, what happened there? Well it goes back and hits a negative 6555 again. And then it almost does it the 8 rd time.

Relative Strength Index (RSI) | Forex Indicators Guide

One solution to this problem is to simply not trade the RSI rollercoaster on time frames of less than four hours in length. This setup is designed to catch major turns in price action and it works best in range-bound markets that consistently move from overbought to oversold states. The hourly charts are simply too sensitive for the indicator, generating many false-turn signals when prices pause rather than change direction.

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Finally it decides to settle in. so now it stays, keeps coming back here hitting 655, almost there. And on the downside, everyone in these bars is touching the zero line and therefore, at this point, works very well. And from this point out we can say okay, we can be bullish here. So becomes unidirectional. Most importantly, always have your money management, or risk management in place.

Welcome to this video on E-mini futures trading basics using the Tick index indicator. This is a powerful tool. It’s changed a bit over the years. So I want to share with you how it really works because I find that a lot of people are not teaching this correctly. Most successful trading is unorthodox or against what’s normally taught.

Now however it comes back down, and it doesn’t hit 655 again. But now it hits negative 655. Well that sucks right. It went from negative 655 to positive 655, then right back down to negative 655 again. Well yeah. Sometimes that’s going to happen.

Here is the problem with the logic of the above-mentioned pattern. We actually want the right neckline lower than the left neckline, and here is why: this might seem like, ‘Oh good, this is a confirmation that the move is strong up.’ Well, as in most things with trading, by the time you get confirmation, the deal is done. I prefer to call trading ‘speculating,’ kind of an old term there from the days of yore, but I prefer to use it because it keeps reminding me that’s always very risky, that we 8767 re managing risk.

Additional Analysis - Short Term: The market is EXTREMELY BULLISH. Everything in this indicator is pointing to higher prices: the fast average is above the slow average the fast average is on an upward slope from the previous bar the slow average is on an upward slope from the previous bar and price is above the fast average and the slow average.

Additional Analysis: The long term trend, based on a 95 bar moving average, is up. Further, a rising ADX indicates that the current trend is healthy and should remain intact. Look for the current uptrend to continue.

Some traders may not have enough patience to trade the RSI rollercoaster on daily charts, so the next example of the setup is on four-hour charts.

Standard period settings for RSI is 69 periods, which can be applied to any time frame.
RSI indicator compares the average of up and down closes for a specific period of time.

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