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Level 7 data is the most important information there is, when it comes to share trading. Without, you are effectively trading blind.

The Family Advocacy Program - Military OneSource

Money flow gives a snapshot of relative buying and selling pressure in a stock. A ratio above one suggests greater buying pressure, below one suggests greater selling.

Military OneSource - 24/7 Support for the Military Community

Discuss your favourite stocks with other investors, chat about where the share price is going and share your research. ADVFN is home to the largest community of private investors in the UK.

The DoD is specific about what it considers domestic abuse and child abuse, and under what circumstances FAP will get involved. It defines domestic abuse as violence or a pattern of behavior resulting in emotional or psychological abuse, economic control, or interference with personal liberty directed toward a current or former spouse, a person with whom the abuser has a child, or a current or former intimate partner with whom the abuser shares or has shared a common domicile. Child abuse and neglect are defined as injury, maltreatment, or neglect to a child that harms or threatens the child's welfare. The FAP will get involved when one of the parties is a military member or, in some cases, a DoD civilian serving at an overseas installation.

Commissaries make it possible to feed your family on a budget while supporting the military community. This month, be sure to pick up your very own, free Military OneSource grocery bag while shopping at your local commissary. Don't miss the savings or the freebie.

When an allegation of abuse or neglect is reported, FAP professionals meet individually with suspected victims, offenders, and other family members to gather information about the allegation and the family's history. This information, along with other evidence, is used to develop recommendations for follow-up action. An important part of the program is collaboration among FAP staff, military units, law enforcement, medical and legal personnel, Family Support Centers, chaplains, and civilian agencies. This coordinated community effort is essential to prevent and respond to abusive behavior in military families.

With FAP intervention and treatment, many service members gain new insights into their professional and personal lives and are able to make the changes necessary for successful military service. Of course, the more extreme the violence, the more likely it is that an offender's military career will be affected. And failing to stop abusive behavior, refusing to comply with treatment plans, or causing serious injury to a family member may result in administrative discharge or court martial.

London Stock Exchange (LSE) and Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares will stream live for you as soon as you register - one of the many perks of being part of the ADVFN community.

There are 7555-plus stocks in the UK market, but you don't have to be a financial guru or a degree-wielding mathematician in an investment bank to pick one to invest in. You just need a toolbox of simple ideas to find likely companies you could add to your portfolio. Like this one:

Over 85 customisable indicators and drawing tools are available to let you work with the raw data exactly as you want and need.

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