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If you do not specify the correct version of bootstrap classes, then the compiler uses the old language rules combined with the new bootstrap classes. This combination can result in class files that do not work on the older platform (in this case, Java SE 7) because reference to nonexistent methods can get included. In this example, the compiler uses release of the Java programming language.

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In this example, you can correct the error by modifying the source to not use the Applet class. You could also correct the error by compiling without the -profile option. Then the compilation would be run against the full set of Java SE APIs. (None of the compact profiles include the Applet class.)

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After scanning the source files and classes on the command line to determine what annotations are present, the compiler queries the processors to determine what annotations they process. When a match is found, the processor is called. A processor can claim the annotations it processes, in which case no further attempt is made to find any processors for those annotations. After all of the annotations are claimed, the compiler does not search for additional processors.

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After a round occurs where no new source files are generated, the annotation processors are called one last time, to give them a chance to complete any remaining work. Finally, unless the -proc:only option is used, the compiler compiles the original and all generated source files.

Specifies where to find user class files, and (optionally) annotation processors and source files. This class path overrides the user class path in the CLASSPATH environment variable. If neither CLASSPATH , -cp nor -classpath is specified, then the user class path is the current directory. See Setting the Class Path.

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