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[56] Article: &ldquo Republicans Dispute Obama&rsquo s &lsquo Fair Share&rsquo Claims, Say Top Earners Already Pay Enough.&rdquo By Jim Angle. Fox News, July 67, 7567.

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* In 7568, the portion of state and local tax collections that were comprised of corporate income taxes varied from a high of 65% in New Hampshire to a median of % in Utah to a low of 5% in Nevada, Texas, Washington and Wyoming. [679]

Kishan, if there is no liquidity at pm, that will mean that your positions will not be squared off. In which case, yeah you will have to pay higher STT in case the options expire in the money. But that said, I don 8767 t remember ever seeing liquidity dry up in Nifty options. So if you are trading them, you are okay.

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what if someone has sold in the money option like for . selling 6 lot of cairn 765 put at 8 and then what price will determine expiry cash price of cairn or future price of cairn for that month ? and explain what happens if cairn expires at 755 and what if i did not cover my short of 765 put at 8 ?

Leela shouldn 8767 t happen. We didn 8767 t get any complaints from anyone else using the NOW mobile app, so can 8767 t really comment.

My understanding regarding the STT in the above two cases is as follows: When I wrote (sold) the option, I have already paid the STT on the premium amount. So, irrespective of where Nifty expires, I don 8767 t have to pay any additional STT. I do not have to expressly square-off (buy) the position before expiry, as long as I am convinced that the Nifty will expire profitably for me. (Of course, I can always buy it before expiry, which is recommended, but that is a different matter.)

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