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Advanced Indicator Set 8 - an eclectic set of indicators that expand NeuroShell Trader's ability to find a value between two separate conditions or since the occurrence of a single condition. In addition, Set 8 adds the power to count, remember or toggle values off and on based on conditions. These functions complement the NeuroShell Trader's emphasis on building indicators with a wizard rather than requiring the user to be a programmer. The result is a significant speed increase in building and testing trading systems.

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We might be tempted to call this an adaptive moving average. But it is really much more than that. The fractal filtered time series is so responsive to changes in direction with virtually no lag and no overshoot, that the filtered result can be used as a proxy for the original time series in any traditional technical analysis techniques. The result is a highly responsive smoothing filter of any data series.

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ProjectRange - The Project Range indicator returns the range of all projections (leads) of the projection series for all pattern matches that are greater than the indicated projection threshold.

Recurrent Nets. This architecture analyzes not only the current bar of information to produce its signal, but it also reviews a condensed summary of the most recent bars as well. More recent bars receive more weighting than older ones. Recurrent Nets include Recur7, Recur8, Recur9, Recur5, and Recur6.

Choose frequency of printing to History Log from every 6 minute, 5 minutes, 65 minutes in addition to which time frame to calculate

With the new state of the memory cells, we can compute the value of their output gates and, subsequently, their outputs :

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ProjectUpperB - The Project Upper Band indicator returns the upper envelope of all projections (leads) of the projection series for all pattern matches that are greater than the indicated projection threshold.

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