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Dear Claus, EZTrader is not a broker we trust. As for the ITM, 95% is far from 85%+ It 8767 s definitely misleading as good traders and services shouldn 8767 t advertise such high performace if they can 8767 t generate something close to it for members. In order to profit from binary options you must get at least 65% in most cases, depending on the payout per each asset, and if the service gets you less than 65% ITM, it 8767 s a losing service. After 75-85 signals you can reach a solid conclusion, but if you get a few losing trades in a row, you should discontinue without waiting for a minimum of 75+ trades.

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Comment 8 - Okay : "That's very good question. And you are right, when I go to my singing class, my mentor often shifts the scale on his harmonium so that it's comfortable for all to practice. But that I think is doable for a Piano also. Although I'm not sure how often will the music teachers in the west would do it. More than the tunings, its the singing, or playing style which is different."

They are not regulated so if you decide to fund your account, never deposit more than the required minimum and don 8767 t accept any bonuses.

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