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I am planning to do cover orders very soon. I have holdings of 8 stocks worth about Rs 88555/-. Can I do cover orders using my holdings? Earlier when I was doing intraday, I was getting 5 6 times of my holdings. Can you give me a rough idea? This will help to resume my trading.

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Reading the tape is how people used to trade when the business of stock exchanges started. Today it is an arm 8767 s race with traders subscribing to fancy charting tools, trading platforms, etc. For all those who say that gut based trades don 8767 t work, I guess Bharadwaj 8767 s track record should break the myth.

8). One more important point is that many a times one would like Zerodha 8767 s team to trade on sms provided by the customers I think here lies a huge potential in personalized service accounts where Zerodha can charge extra for such clients who would like their orders get executed by Zerodha-team by sms-and-trade just like call-and-trade. Similarly messengers can be used for personalised trading.

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sir, thanks for sharing this wonderful strategy that you are following. I burned my whole a/c 7-8 times till now. It was very very hard earned money. But your this posts give me a hope to again start trading after a long time. If any doubt will be there, then surely i will look out help from you.

6) How many trades on average do you get in a particular day.
7) You also said that you take maximum leverage with your 55,555 risk capital, then your profits should be more that 7555 I guess, or you book out very early, with profits of 65-75 paise?

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