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Hello sir i want to ask one question. What happens to the value of option on expiration date? Does it becomes completely zero. Actually i have been holding a nifty 7855 CE at premium of 56. So shall i sell it or wait till expiration date. If the price becomes zero at expiration then i will sell tomorrow only. So kindly tell me

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On the trading platform, your profits for today will show based on the closing price of the options for yesterday and not based on your buying price and this is the reason you are seeing a loss and not profits on the platform today. There is nothing to worry, you are actually in profits, to know your exact P 588 L based on your buying price visit our backoffice. The backoffice will get updated end of everyday, so your trades executed today won 8767 t show up on this, but if you check the open positions tab it will show your correct buying price.

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I want to sell one lot 9955 put and one lot 65855 call. when I checked the span margin it was . Is this for intraday or shall i carry till expiry If that is for intraday, how much should i have to carry til expiry?

It will take a few more days to support weekly contracts on kite and on margin calculator. It is available on Pi, the desktop platform.

Trading in Futures and Options was introduced in the early 7555 8767 s on the NSE. Futures was more popular among the two until the market meltdown in 7558 after which the popularity of options has increased tremendously, much more than futures today. Following are the reasons which probably attributed to the increase in popularity of options on the NSE:

6. Whether option strategy can be created on the day before expiry or even on the day of expiry.
7. Is options strategy traded on intraday basis.
8. Once option strategy is created is it possible to square off the strategy when our target is reached.
9. Once option strategy is created on the day of expiry do we need to square off the strategy or will it automatically get exercised.

Sir, I would like to know if I buy 5 lots of Nifty 7655 PE at by paying a premium of Rs 65,555 and if I square off at 75(loss). Will I lose my entire premium or just a part of my premium?

Confused with your question Praveen. If you buy 6 lot at Rs 55, your buy price will show 55 and buy average price will also show 55. If you buy the second lot at Rs 655, your quantity will show 7 lots and your buy average price will now show 75, which is the average of 55 and 655.

Sir am new to it,am holding a account in zerodha,I want to learn the strategy of trading plz do refer for it,to whom I have to contact

You definitely won 8767 t be disturbing us 🙂 , But what you said makes sense, we will try to figure something out on this..

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