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I got my $755 deposit back quicly with no trouble. I then made the mistake of getting involved with WMOption. Not a peep out of them.

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I started my registration yesterday, but luckily I stopped when they asked for credit card details. For me a demo should not need any transfer of funds. As soon as I woke up a trader was calling me, friendly at first but more and more pushy. When people get pushy I will never ever do any business. So I eventually ended the call saying that I will use more time do decide (which I have already done, no business with BdB). Now I 8767 ve several times received calls from a UK number (+997588685658) which I 8767 m pretty sure is BdB. I will not answer!

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The same happen to me, They kept insisting on more money and when i said no and wanted to withdraw my money they gave me some bad trades and emptied my account so I had nothing to withdraw

A large percentage of Forex signal providers are usually focused on supplying the trader with signals based on technical analysis. Only a few of the signal providers focus on the price action or fundamental analysis. Technical analysis like candle stick charting display both short term and long term price trends to the provider thus enabling him or her to be flexible in the supply of a range of trade options. Price action usually gives the provider extremely short term ideas while fundamental analysis gives him or her longer term trade ideas.

Dear currency traders, forex brokers, and other forex services providers. We do not know you, we don't take sides - we go by the facts that you provide. We are dedicated to fairness, peace, and together we are an army - the Forex Peace Army

Trying to withdraw and they start doing pressure tactic giving me a long 95 min call everyday never go back to the topic of my withdrawal. By then, I 8767 m already emotionally and mentally exhausted with their mind-playing games.

I suspected they were rigging trades too. They would close in the money but would then lose. I asked why I chat, how can it be winning but then lose? They said it was due to timing differences in the platform. So I asked how I can possibly open trades when I don 8767 t even know the price as they give you the price you see when you enter a trade. I got no answer. I had three trades opened today, all the same pair and one of the 8775 current prices 8776 was different to the other two, lower and putting me out the money! All very suspicious. I went into chat and asked why this was and suddenly the prices were all the same. Regulated or not they are at it with the prices.

This happened to me too. Then how do you deal with it? I have no idea how they made that transfer. In my part is the ask me to transfer up to 65k USD. And probably it didn 8767 t go through so they made a transaction of 6k USD without my permission. I mean this is already a fraud isn 8767 t.

Leo phones me on Monday morning and says well that did not go well, but if you can put in another £5555 then we can get back into the 8766 best 8767 trade bracket again. I could not believe what I was hearing. I said to him that if you had left it there at £77555 then I could have paid that person back, he tells me it is risk. So I asked him why don 8767 t we trade and earn that money back, and he tells me that the better trades are reached when you trade with bigger amounts. I told him that no I can 8767 t do that. He stops phoning me that day.

But this article is exraordinary very simple. but a deep sense of trading is seen here. breaking down the smallest information, magnify it and present it in a very very beautiful way. My salute to Mr. Michael Hodges.

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