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Now, you may want to throw all of your current products away and start fresh, which is not the answer. When it comes to buying products that are free of toxic substances, they can be costly. This is because they have more active ingredients than the products that contain the toxic chemicals. Because they contain more active ingredients, a little goes a long way.

5Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Beauty Products | Live in

[ ] labels use the generic term 8775 fragrance, 8776 but consumers are typically not aware of the chemicals that may be included under this umbrella term. Turns out that 8,699 chemicals are currently classified as [ ]

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[ ] week, we posted a video that took a satirical swing at cosmetic companies that use toxic chemicals in their products. Since then, we 8767 ve been researching some organic beauty products and thought we 8767 d share [ ]

Just as you are concerned with the safety of the foods and supplements you consume, you should be careful about what you put on your skin. The skin is the largest body organ. Toxins are eliminated through its pores in the form of sweat, and the skin absorbs extraordinarily large amounts of what is applied to it. Transdermal medications and over-the-counter drugs (. Nicoderm) are effective for this reason.

Do you know if there are any petitions we can sign to get the government to make it illegal for manufactures to use toxic chemicals in their products?

[ ] Click here to view a list of five toxic chemicals to avoid in beauty products. Also Read Can Natural Beauty Products REALLY Match the Effectiveness of Their Evil Chemical Twins? [ ]

It s frightening that so many harmful chemicals are being used in our everyday products AND it s even more frightening that the government is allowing this to happen!

Formaldehyde is a chemical that may be inhaled or absorbed transdermally (through the skin). It is used in nail polishes, shampoos, including baby shampoos, and liquid body soaps. Side effects include skin irritation and nausea. Formaldehyde exposure may be a contributing factor in cancer development, according to the International Agency for Research.

Badger, for example, makes excellent body oils and deet-free bug sprays. Another brand to check out is Shea Moisture. They 8767 re best known for their line of chemical-free soaps.

[ ] Environmental Defence, a Canadian organization that strives to inspire change by raising awareness about harmful chemicals and practices, recently released a great video to shed light on the use of dangerous and toxic ingredients in today 8767 s cosmetics. [ ]

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