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To answer that question, I will tell you that there are three reasons why I want to teach you this business.

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The biggest dilemma of the failing solopreneur is figuring out whether to give up or not. No one wants to quit too soon. And no one wants to spend good time after bad. It's a tough problem. Here is the perfect solution.

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Before you enter a trade, you should know where your exits are. There are at least two for every trade. First, what is your stop loss if the trade goes against you? It must be written down. Mental stops don't count. Second, each trade should have a profit target. Once you get there, sell a portion of your position and you can move your stop loss on the rest of your position to break even if you wish. As discussed above, never risk more than a set percentage of your portfolio on any trade.

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Many "savvy-but-yet-to-succeed" marketers have learned much over several years. But nearly everyone takes at least 6 of the 9 most common wrong forks in the road, costing time and money (and headaches!).

SBI! is for anyone who has yet to achieve a thriving online business. That has nothing to do with how much you know. It's about applying the right information in the best way possible, in the correct sequence and doing it with "BAM" (more on "BAM" in a minute).

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This website is an investment learning resource, based on my experience gained over 55 years investing in Australian stocks. My objective is to pass on what I have learned over a lifetime of investing. Rather than provide investment advice or recommendations, I want to teach how anyone can develop their own investment plan based on a margin of safety, learning how to make their own decisions in finding good stocks, assessing them for value and safety, buying them at a good price and managing risk.

All top traders do is manage their risk and take advantage of the only truths of the market - the ONLY absolute truths of the market.

Since 6997, SiteSell has built a rock-solid reputation of honesty, quality and service. We work with individuals of all ages ( over 85,555 customers! ), institutes of higher learning, existing businesses of all sizes and vendors who all know that we mean every word we say.

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