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I generally don 8767 t like using Forex indicators, as I find the data worthless, as they lag current price. If you want to be in the moment and take trades based on what 8767 s happening right now then you have to base trades on current Price Action.

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After the event happens, the uncertainty disappears and options volatility naturally drops. That is why even if the stock experiences volatility, it might not overcome the decrease in option volatility.

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Google was due to release earnings after the close. After looking at the order flow, I was not able to see a clear bias. I knew prices would move because (GOOG) is normally a big mover. Since I was not able to detect a bias, I went with the double calendar spread.

I don’t believe a person should be buying a naked call option because it’s generally a low probability trade. If you have a bias in direction, I would consider using a debit spread or another structured trade.

Therefore we have set ourselves with a goal of finding a forex strategy that is comparable in its profit potential to the most complex professional trading system and at the same time is feasible and understandable to our average trader.

The strategies that we have tested were ranging from simple combinations of TA indicators to more complex trading systems that were utilizing support/resistance levels, pivot points, chart patterns etc.

Ideal Trade Situation: The only way to make money when you buy a call is when the underlying asset of that option goes higher, the implied volatility rises, or a combination of the two. However, the gain made from the stock price moving higher must overcome what you’ll be losing in time decay and potentially a drop in implied volatility.

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Strategy detail: I like to use this strategy as a directional play after an underlying has made an extended move, typically for a credit. However, this trade is ideal when implied volatility is elevated. The body of the butterfly is short two strikes and would benefit from implied volatility decreasing and the underlying staying near the short strikes. We can buy or sell a butterfly spread however, I prefer buying them for close to zero cost or a small debit. Ideally, we’re looking for prices to move to a certain strike around expiration. We can do this by using calls or puts it just depends on the direction we think the underlying asset is going to move.

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