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Minimum Investment Amount : In order to define the minimum required investment amount for a given trading strategy, a trader should.

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Selling Options Short versus Buying Options - Selling options (uncovered options trading, selling naked options) short is considered as one of the more risky trading strategies of the investments. However this is one of the options trading strategies that is usually used by institutional investors.

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You can keep selling a new weekly call(put) each week and the premiums collected each week can be used to pay your long call(put) in the out month.

As I mentioned I have been to seminars for $8,555 and $5,555 and you will get much more from this course than both of those combined. I've also seen one trading course that charges $7,555 just for online access to learn the basics of options!

Selling Call Options - If an options trader is expecting the market to go down he/she can sell calls with expectations to profit from a bearish movement.

I don't know what your abilities are or how fast you can learn this business as I teach it, so I will never tell you how much you could make but 5% (or much more) per month is a very reachable goal. I've personally seen returns as high as % (ROM) - that's $6,555 for every $6,655 invested.

Unsure what you’re looking for? See how to choose an options broker for more on what can make or break an options trading experience.

TradeKing is suitable for newer options investors. The browser-based platform ( TradeKing LIVE ) resembles the offerings of its pricier competitors and comes with free options trading tools for screening and advanced charting. Navigation is easy and streamlined. Customers can create a custom dashboard with movable modules with the data and features they want to use. The setup extends to what users see across all devices, including mobile and tablet.

Special report included! I'm also including the most comprehensive, yet easy to read 5 page CONFIDENTIAL REPORT on how to profit from "The Greeks" available in the world (yes, the world, and no, I'm not kidding).

If the expiration Friday is a holiday then the options will expire on Thursday instead. Also it is important to point out that different securities have different expiration days.

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