Pairs trading strategy model futures

Nial, one should look around first before jumping. I wish I come across your article sooner. Greatly appreciate them, straightforward, informative and create a healthy appetite to learn. Thank you

Forex, spot metals and CFDs: select the trading condiitons

In case this is not so, for instance, if the support level comes down to the previous trough, it may signify that the uptrend is coming to the end or at least it is turning into a sideways trend. It is likely that trend reversal from up to down will occur. The opposite situation takes place in a downtrend the failure of each support level to move lower than the previous trough may again signal changes in the existing trend.


NetTradeX trading platform besides its main functions, provides automated trading by NetTradeX Advisors. The latter is a secondary platform which contributes to automated trading and enhances the main platform’s functionality by the NTL+ (NetTradeX Language). This secondary platform also allows to perform basic trading operations in a "manual" mode, like opening and closing positions, placing orders and using technical analysis tools.

Hi Nial,
With your knowledge and your teaching material you are giving me a great set of tools to improve and succeed trading the market, you have a great name of the site 8775 learn to trade the market 8776 you honnor it, and I am in the right way to do it!!
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There is no maximum, but each chart/pattern is unique so it 8767 s important to look at the entire context of the chart not just the individual price action pattern to make a decision. If there is 9 or more inside bars as part of the fakey pattern is can be very powerful if the market is trending or if the market is at a major level, but if the market is choppy then it might just continue that sideways grind and the inside bars are less significant. Filter each pattern on a case by case basis and discretion would be applied.

i 8767 m learning a lot on your website. i have just discovered it 7 days ago. But i feel really happy to have been able to find some set ups ands strategies like those ones

seems nice to learn this after I lost my me thirsty for bad I can not ever now afford this course :(.I 8767 ll be rereading this again and having some are those who have the money for the course.

Thanks a lot Nial, real eye opener. Im fairly new in trading, scared to even do trades in my demo account, i really am trying to make sense of everything. Please advise on what do i look at when setting my levels (resistance and support and trendlines when a trend is either going up or down. Please help me.

As mentioned by Forex analyst Huzefa Hamid "volume is the gas in the tank of the trading machine". Though most traders give preference only to technical charts and indicators to make trading decisions, volume is required to move the market. However, not all volume types may influence the trade, it’s the volume of large amounts of money that is traded within the same day and greatly affects the market.

Look for a Shooting Star, drawn after a strong move, and for the RSI to get into the overbought area. If you get both signal from the RSI and confirmation from the candle stick pattern, open a sell order on the opening of the next candle after the formation, set a stop loss order above the Shooting Star’s upper shadow and a Take profit at 55% of the previous rally.

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