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Even, Dato Raja, the scammer who is in hiding now is your responsibility AND you are duty bound to compensate all those victims under him.

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Can you name some genuine forex brokers of India, who allow to trade in INR paired with other currency. Also please say if there is any Indian broker who offer some no deposit bonus.

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I also heard that some depositors are filing a form 789 (or something) in NZ against FX United using lawyers in NZ. They are doing this to flush the truth and also to freeze the FXU, UGHL assets to force a pay back on their deposits.

As for getting the members to proceed with your actions, get credible people and becareful of shills like FXu Info Exchange facebook admin.

why rbi is saying we cant trade in forex markets and overseas markets? there must be a reason, a clear one so that no one in india could go ahead and think about it. well i do respect our indian government but you know very well about the difference of indian market and forex markets, as you worked in both of these market.

Instead of blowing your own trumpet 8776 Fxunited is the best broker in the world 8776
Shut the fook up and just answer one question.

why dont they just keep pushing the MIBs, IBs or miniIBs to pay their money first before continuosly recruit more victims. stop recruiting! and see what happen. its the only way to prove that fxu is a money rolling scam..

I am suprised the majority of the custumer are from China, 8 its a magic number and they cant read english to google some of the name involved, and the history they have (google translate!!!)

wake up guys!cant u see the ponzi in it!? money in, u guys will get paid,RANDOMLY. sadly,they will choose who get the money first.

FX United is in a position to place funds and earn interest on the overnight money market, and to make very large profits just from this investment.

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