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This week's Open HPS watch list is for the special occasion of our once a year open house here at . The open house is an all access pass to everything Daytradingradio! Alerts, Trades Research, The HPS Watch List, Educational Video's, Chat Rooms. You get everything members get for 7 weeks for free starting now this weekend. As of this week's watch list, not much is changing with the direction of the markets so I continue to look for and scan for buy side divergences and continue to visually scan 955+ stocks. The Divergences that are setting up this week are limited to $JO and $NIB a coffee and cocoa etf. The $NIB has been added to the HPS watch list this week with a target of 77

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This is Doctor Barry Burns with Top Dog Trading, and you know I’ve had a lot of people who recently have asked me why I don’t talk more about volume when analyzing stock market charts. And so I am going to share that with you today. I do use volume in my analysis but perhaps not as much as other people. And I 8767 m going to give you the exact reason why, right now.

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We come back, what we do, we touch that high. We come back down, where do we go? Right to the pivot point again. That cluster of the pivot point, and that previous major low, retest that again. Go back up, where do we go? Now we go to yesterday’s close. So notice, and that’s the end of the day. This whole day was really much to do about nothing. There’s money that could have been made, certainly trading on a very short term time frame like the 7 minute chart. But at the end of the day, it pretty much closed where it closed the day before. Within what, 9-5 points. Now one last thing we could add our Fibonacci levels too. Let’s do that.

Sorry you 8767 ve been deceived! Stock market volume analysis isn 8767 t as reliable as you 8767 ve been taught to believe and in this video I 8767 ll share with you EXACTLY why.

It does show a shift of momentum, that’s true. But the problem is that it 8767 s a short term signal. And momentum is kind of a tricky thing, just because momentum is where the signal of momentum is going up, doesn’t mean that’s a real strong bullish. It just means the bearishness has come out.

So timing, and being able to, this is why wave counting comes in. so effectively is to know how far/long you are in that trend, the trend is your friend until the end. So the trend is your friend, your best friend early in a new trend. And earlier the better. That’s when I want to enter a trend, is at the very beginning of when it 8767 s identified. Now I don’t want to get in late to a trend, in fact that’s the only time I actually would look for reversals. So that time of momentum shift is more likely to result in a reversal of a trend.

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Because there 8767 s no strength or rate of change, great rate of change going to the upside or the low side. That whole area, as long as we get stuck in there, not just retracing to it, but when we get stuck in there, then I consider that just a neutral zone and that’s one way to help avoid getting into choppy markets. That’s a question I get often as, ‘Barry how to stay out of choppy markets?’ Well that’s one technique you can use right there.

Right moving to another section here. Here’s one way that I will use volume. And that is not for the beginning of move, you would think that the market would start out with a big surge of volume to get momentum behind the move. And I’ve shown you that that’s not quite the case, usually occurs about in the middle or even a little bit later in an impulse move.

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