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When running on the recommended two pairs, the average of WallStreet Robot is about trades / day and almost 5 trades / day when running on all the five days of the week, so it qualifies as a rather frequent trading EA. There s no GMT setting as it trades around the clock, so it s not to worry about in this EA.

Best Free Forex Swing Trading Strategies

This second point will usually occur after a pullback from the initial buying surge associated with the trend reversal. Note how XYZ's shares advanced almost vertically from $7 to more than $9 and then went sideways for several days.

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Short selling in a downtrend would be similar. Wait until the price moves up the downward sloping trendline, then when the stock begins to move back down, you use this as a trading signal to make your entry.

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Finally, there are a variety of short-term trends. These trends may last several days to several weeks and are of extreme interest to swing traders. While primary and intermediate trends can be easily seen on the weekly chart, I've found that it is often best to magnify short-term trends by using daily, hourly, and even one-, five- or ten-minute periods. With this in mind, below I present you with a six-month daily chart of the Dow from this same time period. In it, I've noted periods of uptrend and downtrend -- periods when the swing trader should be long or short stocks that correlate highly with the Dow.

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At the end of this report, I will present a chart and ask you to analyze it based on trends and trendlines. I will then present the "answer" in Lesson #8: Swing Trading Support & Resistance Secrets.

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The better you&rsquo re able to manage your risks, the more aggressive you can become without breaking the bank. Dynamic collars are a strategy that many professional traders use and you can, too. &ldquo Happy at the Bottom, Party at the Top&rdquo on page 75 might make you think differently about how to build a stock position without depleting your cash, and without regard to a stock&rsquo s direction.

And speaking of option pricing formulas, when was the last time you actually tried to understand what makes an option tick? Granted, dropping the phrase &ldquo Black Scholes&rdquo in just about any conversation isn&rsquo t likely going to make you the life of the party. But having a foundational knowledge of this iconic formula will make you a smarter trader. Be sure to read &ldquo It&rsquo s the Math, Stupid&rdquo on page 68. Trust us, if it&rsquo s all you ever read about the subject, it&rsquo ll be enough.

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