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I tried all that. Align, remove border, lighten vs. darken, etc. It 8767 s just not coming on Yandex, Baidu+Sougo, TinEye, and Google.

The Worst Bad, Ugly & Horrible Logo Designs | Logo Design Blog

Nigel received a very good offer from Jarle Thorsen (current 85% shareholder of Sitetalk and Founder of OctaCoin-888) and yes my dear Ruja this is the only reason Nigel left your company.

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i did some sherlock holmes investigation and came out with the octa plan business. I confronted her and she admitted that she was working hard convincing people to step in. She is giving info sessions to recruit others.

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Some of the bad logos collection. As a web designer, I got confused when my client asks me to design a great website using this kind of logo.

NXCHAIN is a NOT a NASDAQ Traded Firm. They are an OTC (Over The Counter) Shell Company that does not even trade and LXC Coin was supposed to merge with them and that has yet to happen either.

For trading with Forex broker selection is really an important task. A trader who trade with renowned broker never think about his facilities as well as security. Because both qualities are available in this broker. Such as I am trading with ECN broker called Trade67 they have high security level as well as flexible leverage that is up to 6:955. They also have low spread. For those reason I have been trading with this broker for a long time without facing any problem.

For that matter, I don 8767 t need to proof anything to you at all, just sharing some facts about actual things that happen within Crypto888, now calling themselve Octaland.

Even though I 8767 m not a designer, I love learning about it. This was a great tutorial in 8775 What NOT to do 8776 for designers. Perhaps also for business owners, 8775 Don 8767 t let this happen to you 8776 or 8775 When to go back to the drawing board. 8776
The Kids Exchange reminded me of a similar showcase of disastrous domain names. Haven 8767 t checked whether these are real or not, but they certainly are bad:

8) All bonus received for this week payable on Monday will be used to buy Octa Premium Coins (OPR) at €/coin. An additional 65% of OPR will be given by the company.
Eg. If your bonus in cash account is €5555 then 55,555 OPR + 5555 OPR will be given to you.

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