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6 minute, 5 minutes, 85 minutes
5 minutes, 85 minutes, 6 hour
65 min, 6 hour, 9 hours
6 hour, 9 hours, 6 day.

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One of the easiest ways I’ve found to keep things simple, and avoid being a victim of "analysis paralysis", is to use a strategy that I call, "The Simple Strategy".

A stop order is often used as a STOP LOSS to exit a trade for protection, but it can also be used as an ENTRY order. Think of it this way, if you are in a trade and you want to use a stop order for protection, you place a stop order at a specified price. When this price is hit, your stop order simply becomes a market order to close your trade. So although a stop order is often used to close a trade, it is just an order that gets "triggered" at a specified price, turning into a market order once triggered.

Excuse my ignorance firstly. Thanks for the post, very informative. I understand everything mentioned but am unsure as to what "range bars" are and how one would implement such a strategy using said "range bars"

"Long entry with a buy stop order at the value of the upper Bollinger Band, if the market is in an uptrend based on MACD."

In this upcoming webinar we will share strategies we use at Rockwell Trading for day trading. You can take these strategies and see if they work for you and your trading hook there. 😉 Now some traders decide that they want to know more about the methods we use, or need extra guidance because the concepts are new to them. For these traders we usually offer a webinar special on related products. Fair enough? 🙂

%B Uptrend Scan: This scan filters out stocks where %B is and MFI just crossed above 85. According to Bollinger, these stocks could be starting new up swings. This scan is just a starting point. Further refinement and analysis are required.

It is an advanced strategy which use Chinkou Span tool to get clear signals for Call and Put options. To perform the strategy traders will need to use Ichimoku indicator.

How to use additional indicators in order to filter false signals - read more about this strategy which combines RSA, MA and Stochastic indicators.

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