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The senkou span cross is one of the lesser known trading strategies within the Ichimoku Kinko Hyo system. This is mostly due to the fact that the senkou span cross tends to be more commonly used as an additional confirmation with other trading strategies rather than being used as a standalone trading strategy in its own right. However, it is nonetheless a solid trend trading strategy and can definitely be used on its own.

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The kijun sen cross strategy is unique among Ichimoku strategies in that the trader's stop-loss is determined and managed by the kijun sen itself. This is due to the kijun sen's strong representation of price equilibrium, which makes it an excellent determinant of sentiment. Thus, if price retraces back below the kijun sen after executing a bullish kijun sen cross, then that is a good indication that insufficient momentum is present to further the nascent bullish sentiment.

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Marek's sacrifice inspired the Rebels to finish what he began: a full scale revolution against the Empire. Juno and Bail recovered PROXY from the snow on Corellia who then revealed that Marek told him that if anything happened to him, PROXY was to be in the charge of Juno. Immediately after recovering PROXY, they along with the other founders of the rebellion met on Kashyyyk. Princess Leia proposed that the Rebels use the Marek family crest as a symbol of hope to rally behind, with which all agreed. [8]

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All non-home nodes are classified as domestic or foreign. A node is labeled domestic if 75% of the provincial trade power is held by the nation. For these purposes a home node is considered domestic. 96 6 98 . The distinction comes into play in two cases:

In addition, colonized province do not cause overextension in the parent nation, even if left un-cored. This applies even if the parent nation conquered land from another nation that had previously colonized it as long as the province had ever been a colony in the past, it will cause no overextension, though it may still have unrest.

The exit from a tenkan sen/kijun sen cross will vary with the particular circumstances of the chart. The most traditional exit signal is a tenkan sen/kijun sen cross in the opposite direction of your trade. However, personal risk management and time frame concerns may dictate an earlier exit, or an exit based upon other Ichimoku signals, just as in any other trade.

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Some nations that were historical colonizers, notably Spain and Portugal , have unique missions or events that will improve Settler Growth.

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