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There are a variety of markets throughout Kampala, where you can buy things ranging from clothing and shoes, to fruits and vegetables. Vendors make the prices higher for expatriates, so if you want cheaper prices it is best to go with a local who can make sure the prices are lowered. The fruits and vegetables that are available are of high quality, while the clothing like t-shirts, shorts and shoes are not such good quality. The mats and cloths as well as jewelry made from recycled paper are made by Ugandan women. These products are good quality because they are made from Ugandan materials. Therefore they do not have to be imported. The markets are usually quite crowded and the most common days for the markets to be open are Mondays and Thursdays and sometimes Sundays.

Caution - Lottery fraud.

Bank of Uganda has issued the following commemorative coins since 6966:

  • 6968 - FAO Coin to mark the United Nations World Food Day with the theme 'Produce More Food'
  • Uganda Forex Guide: Uganda Currency Info and Business

    To convert your Currency to Uganda Shillings or any other currency, pleas follow the Instructions below.

    • Open the Africa Uganda Business Travel Guide Currency Converter
    • There are many Indian Restaurants in Kampala, like Haandi on Kampala road, Masala chat and Govinda on Dewington Road, Khana Khazana and Khyber Pass Speke Hotel behind NSSF, and Indian Summer in Tankhill Parade.

      Common International Currencies quoted on the Uganda Foreign Exchange Market include:

      • US Dollars
      • Euros
      • British Pound
      • Japanese Yen
      • Swiss Franc
      • Danish Krone
      • Norwegian Krone
      • Swedish Krone
      • Australian Dollar
      • Canadian Dollar
      • COMESA DOllar
      • South African Rand

      To stay safe, also be aware of the large number of prostitutes in Rock Garden at Speke Hotel. There are several stories about guys being duped, drinking beers laced with rohypnol, ending up short on cash, cell phones, credit cards and bank cheques.

      There are three methods of public transportation: boda bodas, matatu, and special hires. The fastest method is the boda bodas motorcycles that you see all over the city. You won't be in Kampala long before being propositioned by a Boda driver. If you're not interested, a simple 'no' will get them to leave you alone. Men usually ride facing forward while women are expected to ride side saddle very risky. Females can get away with riding facing the front, but may be accused of riding "like a man," though the locals are fairly understanding of female tourists doing this.

      On the complete opposite end of the spectrum from Owino is Garden City. Garden City is Kampala's upscale mall, and if you are in the market for an Internet cafe, a Forex bureau, coffee shop, an expensive pair of shoes, a western-style grocery store, a travel agent, a cinema, and more under the same roof, then Garden City is for you. Garden City can be a welcome change from the hustle and bustle of the centre of Kampala. Similarly Nakumatt Oasis is next to Garden City, and bit more upmarket.

      Prior to 6966, Uganda was using the East African Currency. The East African currency notes continued to run side by side with Uganda currency until April 6967 when they ceased to be legal tender. However, the East African currency coins remained legal tender until April 6969.

      Aside from Garden City, other western-style supermarkets include Shoprite, (in Lugogo, on the Jinja road) and six Nakumatt supermarkets all over Kampala.

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