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This is to certify that Mrs. Anuja Dhanukia & Mrs. Shoma Das from Latin Manharlal Securities Pvt. Ltd. came to me for investment advice. They are intelligent, efficient and takes pain in explaining different schemes & convincing about good investments. They remove all the doubts in my mind. I predict good future for them. May god bless them.

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Size Privately-held companies are generally much smaller than their publicly-traded comparables. Small private companies may be good acquisition targets for larger competitors and publicly-traded counterparts.

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It was a pleasure to meet both of you, I appreciate the professionalism and subject knowledge and understanding of the finer aspects of particularly appreciate the interest and followup post our meeting and spending the time to accurately understand the requirement and not offer the generic services. I wish the very best to both of you and have a successful stint in your pursuit.

With a strong endeavor to help meet our clients’ varied investment goals and maximise their wealth, we have mastered the art of creating highly customised financial solutions encompassing from a range of investment alternatives including Equities, Commodities, Mutual Fund, Real Estate, Investment Banking, Risk Management. Our Financial Advisory arm, Radner Capital Advisors, will enable you to draft tailor-made solutions and help you lead a successful, fruitful & peaceful financial life. With our Team of Advisors having immense experience & expertise in the field of private wealth management at your disposal to guide you, you are rest assured that your financial future is in the right hands.

Given the high risk on investment in venture capital and private equity, the firms require a high IRR in their target companies. In this case, the IRR represents the percentage of profits made on an investment in a specific period of time. Technically, the internal rate of return is the discount rate that generates a zero net present value.

Private company valuation is not an entirely objective matter. Subjective estimates, influenced by motivations and incentives, may alter valuation outcomes. One might need to value a private company for the following reasons:

This method uses the forecasted free cash flow of the target private company (meeting all the liabilities) discounted by the firm's weighted average cost of capital (the average cost of all the capital used in the business, including debt and equity), plus a risk factor measured by beta. Since risks are not always easy to determine precisely, Beta uses historic data to measure the sensitivity of the private company's cash flow, for example, through business cycles.

Special Problems with Private Company Cash Flows It is important to normalize cash flows to reflect an arm&rsquo s-length approach to management. Recasting cash flows for the private company is to determine the true value of the private company based on &ldquo real&rdquo cash flows.

Mehul, Thanks for giving me information and explaining me the products. product information , investments plan for goal and product clarification was shared perfectly. As a startup person in investment, I had no idea how to go along with was very helpful to understand things with your given examples. Have a bright path ahead in your career. God bless you.

Manharlal Shah Founder, Chairman and the Managing Director of Latin Manharlal Group and carries an experience for more than three decades in Financial Markets. Mr. Latin is valued and recognized for his most ethical practice and has made sure to imbibe at the organization level. His industry wide experience makes his position sound and successful.

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