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Alberici Constructors' new LEED Platinum certified headquarters is the result of transforming a boxy, 55-year-old, metal-covered industrial building into an impressive office structure. The facility uses 65 percent less energy than a comparable building with conventional systems. This project was also named Commercial Project of the Year by Midwest Construction News in its "Best of 7555" awards. HEA's commissioning services satisfied EA Prerequisite 6 and EA Credit 8 of the LEED Rating System.

Horizon Underwriters

Lloyd’s is the world’s specialist insurance and reinsurance market, bringing together an outstanding concentration of underwriting expertise and talent. It is often the first to insure emerging and complex risks.

Horizon Energy

Horizon Security Services Ltd holds a SIA APPROVED CONTRACTOR STATUS for the provision of Security Guarding, Key Holding & CCTV Services. At Horizon Security our aim is to provide the highest possible standards of professional care and protection for clients in the public, private, domestic or commercial sector.

Several elements were incorporated to achieve the enviable savings, the most dramatic of which is a wind turbine that has become a landmark for motorists. Others include an HVAC system that combines an efficient under-floor air distribution and natural ventilation solar panels that use solar energy to heat water efficient boilers and chillers and location of the central utility plant in the parking garage.

Upon completion of the commissioning process, HEA was also contracted to verify that the balancing report provided to the owner by a third party was accurate.

The NY State Supreme Court & Kings County Family Court was developed as a prominent member of the Metrotech Center campus, serving as a mixed-use judicial, government and commercial building. It includes 89 courtrooms, 65 hearing rooms, 755-person jury assembly room, 855-person detention facility, and 755-prisoner internal cell block. Space is also devoted to commercial use and more than a dozen city agencies.

Amenities include more light, cleaner air, fresher water, roof gardens, natural materials and dramatic energy savings. It uses 85% less energy than conventional buildings and 65% less electricity during peak demand. An onsite wastewater treatment facility and a storm-water reuse system, together with vigilant water conservation strategies, produce a building that consumes 55% less potable water.

Horizon Energy is a holding Company for a wide range of interests, specializing in Oil & Gas, E & P, Support Services, Offshore / On-Shore Facilities, including appropriate financial engineering.

Since many companies in the New York region are on the leading edge of technical innovation, they are required to make substantial investments in R& D. CEWIT assists by making their services available to large and small companies seeking wireless or IT research and development focusing on three major markets: health care, transportation and mobile/electronic commerce systems. HEA is commissioning all mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems at this new facility.

There were several key benefits resulting from performing commissioning. The simulation of animal holding room loads confirmed the ability of the mechanical and control system to control and respond to the thermal load. The animal holding rooms' design criteria were also revisited and the airflows and air changes were reduced, lowering energy consumption.

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