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The i-use card is supported by Card Genie, our card management platform that can be incorporated into your existing customer systems through our fully-documented API. Features of Card Genie include card management, extending to applications, approvals and loads, card upgrades, float management and more.

Intercash- Prepaid Card Program Solution - Prepaid Products

Yes, the i-use card expires after 8 years. If the cardholder is actively using the card, a replacement will be offered. The validity period is printed on the front of the card

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  • Currency Notes are delivered to select cities
  • Only One Forex Card can be issued against One Passport
  • Foreign Exchange Delivery will be done between to on working days.

Currency conversion service tax towards the sale and purchase of Forex currency:
Currency Conversion tax will be as applicable as per the below mentioned service tax :

A card issued by a financial institution that is preloaded with funds and is used like a normal credit card. A prepaid credit card works in the opposite way of a normal credit card, because instead of buying something with borrowed funds (through credit), you buy things with funds that have already been paid. This card functions like a gift card.

The i-use card can be co-branded, giving it a unique design that works to better showcase your brand and provides reassurance and confidence to your existing customers with a card that bears a familiar logo.

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When the programme is live, the Issuer will operate, maintain and enforce compliance of the prepaid programme while it is operational. The Client is responsible for the marketing of their programme, as outlined within the provided business plan. If there is a loyalty scheme the Client takes care of this part as well.

Cardholders can make purchases or get cash when they need it (FTC/eZ-Pay cards), rather than carrying large sums of cash. Access to funds on a prepaid card is protected by a PIN at ATMs and cardholder's signature and at merchant locations.

Use the Mastercard Everyday Prepaid Card for all the things you'd normally use cash for. Whether you want to shop, pay bills, or keep track of your spending, it’s a simple and, effective way to, manage your money.

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