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Pivot points were originally developed by floor traders in the equity and commodity exchanges. They are calculated based on the high, low and closing prices of previous trading sessions, and are used by traders to predict support and resistance levels in the current or upcoming session. These support and resistance levels can be used by traders to determine entry and exit points - both for stop losses and profit taking.

How do I calculate forex pivot points? - Investopedia

6. These currency crosses are widely traded, thus providing liquidity which is needed in order to benefit from price changes.
7. They have tight spreads, except may be for GBP/USD, which most of the time receives higher spread quotation from Forex brokers as it is more volatile (. has wider price ranges than other pairs).

Generally speaking, the pivot point is seen as the primary support or resistance level. The following chart is a 85-minute chart of the currency pair GBP/USD with pivot levels calculated using the daily high, low and close prices.

Having an awareness of where these potential turning points are located is an excellent way for individual investors to become more attuned to market movements and make more educated transaction decisions. Given their ease of calculation, pivot points can also be incorporated into many trading strategies. The flexibility and relative simplicity of pivot points definitely make them a useful addition to your trading toolbox.

L8 and H8 are Camarilla's support and resistance levels accordingly. At support or resistance level market is expected o stop and reverse either temporarily or permanently. Forex scalpers like these levels however, trading this way is a hit-or-miss game, because the moment price hits L8 or H8 Camarilla pivot, it is not known yet whether there will be a stop and reverse or not. Therefore, one could opt to wait a little bit longer, till signs of price reversal emerge: these are "shooting star" patterns, "hammer" candles and also reversal patterns where market starts to close higher with every new bar upon hitting support (L8) or lower with each new bar upon hitting resistance (H8).

Just use the default, because from the code it appears that GMTshift has to do rather with calculating Camarilla pivots for Monday by using Friday's data rather than Sunday.
The settings are not related to time zones.

This book has a complete chapter devoted to trading with Standard Pivot Points. Person shows chartists how to incorporate Pivot Point support and resistance levels with other aspects of technical analysis to generate buy and sell signals.

whats midnight to midnight est got to do with anything close of market day is 6685 hrs est and a half hour later sidney opens on the other side of the world for a new market day beginning but tokoyo is the big dog so 5555 gmt is what you want to use

Pivot Point Calculator
Many free pivot point calculators are available online to help traders calculate their pivot points for the current or upcoming trading session. Pivot point calculators are a valuable tool, but also unnecessary, as the formula is actually quite simple. The pivot point for the current trading session is calculated as:

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