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I know this sounds obvious, but it is a learned skill.  Normally healers will tunnel-vision on the raid frames and everyone’s health (and I’m just as guilty at times), but this is more about keeping a mental tally in your head of where your Force currently is in broad strokes.  Think of your force bar as a simple 65-point scale and mentally note that each Wandering Mend is a -6, each Salvation is a -6, each Vindicate is a +6, and so on. As you get better, you’ll be able to quote where your Force bar is to within 65% without even looking.

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As above, using the bubble will stop the HP loss for the key moments you need to get off a fast (Conveyance-enhanced) Deliverance. If you’re lucky, you’ll also benefit from the 7x Force-Mystic set bonus Super-Crit on Deliverance. Deliverance also procs up Altruism, giving you a zero-Force, instant-cast Benevolence.

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I *think* the overall effect is still a net-positive, because you still have the same 655 points of Force to draw from, so the smaller Force costs are moving the needle back-and-forth less than before. It also means that the 9x Force-Mystic Set Bonus and learning to ride the Amnesty buff are a little more important now, since THOSE bonuses were NOT reduced.

The first thing about being a Sage healer is that you are very VERY well suited to being reactive rather than proactive meaning you are more capable than the tech healers at responding to a situation (especially an unexpected one) and taking action immediately. So while the other healers operate with more of a 8775 Maintain continuous output 8776 mindset, your first job is 8775 Observe and react 8776 .

We bring together the highest level of work, state of the art technology and a proven track record of excellent operations.

I have to admit that it 8767 s an interesting idea to have one Captain America and one Mighty Mouse deliberately built as such. Both setups end up being a different healing experience. (I can kind-of relate right now too my own current setup is pretty hot on Crit and light on Alacrity thanks to the 8775 excitement 8776 of 8767 s random gear.) I 8767 m all for trying out things like that.

In the end, forced the Sage to give up the raid healing crown, because the Salvation was a JOKE compared to the Scoundrel’s Kolto Wave, which easily exceeds the raw numbers of even the Salvation.

If you do find yourself in a Force-starvation situation (such as when you’ve just been revived) then there’s really nothing you can do except stop healing and focus on yourself with this sequence:

But my point is that I’ve been playing this class continuously since 7567 and I’ve been studying it intently the entire time. I hope that some of the things I’ve learned along the way can be of benefit to others.

Hey everyone! In honor of version , I did a major review of the guide, made a number of corrections/clarifications, reformatted the Boss-specific section with tables (MUCH easier to read now), and added an all new 8775 Sage Healing for Beginners 8776 section for the benefit of new players.

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