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Hi, sorry for late reply, but it is hard for me to explain it in short words. I learn it from the author of DTOSC, Robert C. Miner, from his book, "High Probability Trading Strategy" Dynamic Traders - Home (i think). Specially with the DTOSC setting, he said there is no fix setting, as long we can see the high and low reversal on previous bar.

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McGinley suggests that traditional moving averages and his Dynamic indicator should be used as smoothing mechanisms rather than as trading systems or signal providers. However, it is possible for a trader to use the McGinley Dynamic the same way moving averages are generally used. On the chart below the difference between the Dynamic and the 75-period Exponential Moving Average can be seen.

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One of the best indicators about with a slight tweak to make it less noisy. Shows ZigZag lines to help spot cycles and draws Fibonacci lines to indicate support and resistance levels.

Times & Sales is a famous (and old!) trading tool. However, it is not present in MetaTrader 5 as a built-in tool. DeltaTrader now presents this indicator for MetaTrader! It has the following characteristics: Two flag modes: FOREX and EXCHANGE FOREX: black color: last price = 6-Minute opening price / blue color: last price 6-Minute opening price / green color: last price 6-Minute opening price. EXCHANGE: black color: last price = between quotes / blue color: last price = bid price / gre

As a result of this calculation, the Dynamic Line increases its speed during bear trends, as it follows prices, while it moves more slowly during bull trends. In the formula above the difference between the Dynamic and the price is divided by N times the ratio of the two to the 9th power. This 9th power adds an adjustment factor to the calculation, which rises more suddenly, as the difference between the Dynamic and the current data becomes larger.

There is Demo version of this panel Dashboard Genesis Matrix Trading MT5 Demo in my product list, please try it out to get familiar with all functionalities for free. Free version: LINK MT9 version: LINK This system basically utilizes Genesis Indi Set (TVI, CCI, GannHilo, and T8) as the core indicators to generate trading signal mainly on time-frame M65. The signal will be further filtered and trimmed by 6) M5 and M65 Stochastic 7) EMA5 and HA To facilitate you to understand and trade this

Please download and test this indicator and please reply to this topics with your review.
The image is included of the indicator see the image bellow..
Graph of the indicator
We tested this indicator and works good on FxPro

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