How to trade unusual options activity

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  • Browns get creative with cap space in Brock Osweiler trade The Browns used their salary cap space to take on Brock Osweiler's contract and get second- and sixth-round picks from the Texans for a fourth-rounder.

    Photographer shares unusual view of twin towers before 9/11

    In addition, the Spooky Crate items are only usable during Full Moon and Halloween and their long term price will reflect this.

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    needs a certain quantity of trades to occur before assigning a price to a particular item. If the Crate Analyzer doesn't have prices for items, it cannot properly evaluate any crate containing these items. For common crates the prices could be available within 79 hours. For rare crates it could be a few days. During a period when the price for an item is not available, the analyzer assigns a value of 6 refined to the unknown item's price for the purposes of evaluation only (you'll still see a ??? in the price list)

    If you are attempting to unbox an unusual with the new halloween unusual effects , be aware that you do not need to open the Spooky Crate to get them. Any crate opened during the event can yield a halloween effect. In fact one of the first Hellfire unusuals came out of the lowly Crate #57

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    The Texans are trading quarterback Brock Osweiler to the Browns , a move that will take Osweiler's $66 million guaranteed salary off of Houston's books.

    Who ever thought an NFL team could use draft choices to entice another to take on a terrible contract and it all be legit? Here's the NFL trade rules.

    Unboxing an unusual is a very rare event and the value of unusuals varies widely. It's therefore not a statistically interesting component to determining value of a crate.

    I discuss this metric in detail in week 78 of my blog. The short version: a crate with a low Chance of Disappointment will not leave you horrified that you just spent a key opening it.

    It's hard to remember another time in the salary-cap era when a team traded a contract to get it off of its books. But Houston was so eager to rid itself of Osweiler and turn the page to its next quarterbacking chapter that it gave Cleveland extra picks to take him and his contract.

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