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Solution: to avoid this unnecessary issue you would better use the historical Forex rates of your broker from the very beginning. Our paid market data feed is taken from 65 different brokers at any taste for your most accurate results.

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Mag, to add that is all you have to do the settings will be the default of strategy in background even though will show diff when looking at input tab settings. You can verify because some things like # of buys or sells will show on chart window for the strategy you are currently running.

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So far so good 🙂 I bought Flex a week ago, it took me week to figure out proper settings and now we 8767 re talking :)So far this week major gain, 65% of deposit (and it not even ended yet:) I 8767 m still running my demo account and trying to find perfect setup, I 8767 ll share my settings when I run it live. It looks like very good ea, I hope it earns me some money.
P. S. : I 8767 m using flexihybrid and hybridtrend (custom settings)

any Forex robot developer the same question and you will get the same answer “Sure it will work!”. and give you afew . arguments of why it should work.

I flat-lined the risk on a VPS, then completely forgot about it as I became extremely busy. I will turn it back up a bit.

Yea ive turned it on with my trendsurfer and using default settings for everything else. It seems to help get out of drawdowns quicker. It seems like it 8767 s basically TrendSurfer + Default strategies all in one. It adds to orders in profit, and adds if the price goes against. Its too early to say but it looks like it could be a good money maker.

JJ, I also notice you have floating to not close until 5% instead of default 6%. So you actually have no stop loss if at 655% right? and waiting for bigger close with floating 5%?

) In case of a big move against your basket of trades, there is one major protection for your account that is the DD% value. Flex offers you to specify it on a per chart or a “global” basis called “allCharts”. But this only means all charts where flex is working on with the same magic number – keep that in mind if you user other EA as well.
In addition you may set a RealStoppLoss if the strategy you 8767 re trading doesn 8767 t set it by default.

No trades on my end either, from my experience with this EA this is perfectly normal during sideways market conditions like we 8767 ve experienced so far this week. It trades the most during very volatile conditions or at the end of long swings.

In V9 there is also a new option (at least I didn 8767 t see it before) called PauseBasketsAtDD. If you use it, flex stops adding more trades to the basket in the loosing direction.

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