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Thanks a lof karl for your free indicators..I found it very very had applied some of the indicators to my strategy and made some profits out of it. May God bless you for your sincere helps Looking forward to receiving a new products from you soon.

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A trader can buy a currency from a pair like USD/EUR and sells it as soon as there is even a slight change of values. Thus by utilizing heavy leverage, the trader is able to make a decent profit.

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I don’t have time for ‘internet traders’, the ‘Forex forums’, or any other breeding ground for newbies who pretend they really know how the markets work – and neither should you.

Online trading platforms are provided by a number of websites, they can either provide the traders with plug ins and software for installation which will become active on being connected to the internet while in other trading platforms it is relatively different as all the trading charts and platforms operate from the servers of the website.

You can study the forex indicators to predict when the value of a currency will go up and book a contract to sell that currency at that time in the future.

The price action strategies and methods that I trade with and teach my students have served me well for many years now, and it’s because there is nothing complicated about them. I simply use my ability to read and interpret the overall market structure to find high-probability price action setups, and I watch for these obvious price action setups forming at key chart levels. Thus, there is no confusion or uncleanliness to my trading approach it’s all about taking advantage of high-probability price action events in the market and knowing how to make sense of and read the ever-changing market conditions.

With the help of historical data you can simulate your strategies without spending money. Did your strategie work in the past? Then maybe it will work in the future!

I recently bought your Forexsecretprofit signal system and i 8767 ve had som good trades, havent lost any of the 66 trades i 8767 ve made. Please can you help me on how i can use forex news to better my trade and to give me more confidence. Also i noticed that all signals came from the alert dialogue box and not the red or green signal tools, is it normal? sometimes the signal tool shows up several minutes after the alert dialogue box had come. Please throw more light on this,.

hi since you started sending me free indicators i found trading very easy and profitable to me am very gratefull i need more and more suport from you tank you very much.

8. As my knowledge base has increased, I have noticed that a number of your
e-books simply described a price action or similar strategy
which I also can find elsewhere for less money. Nevertheless, I
consider your products to be of great value because they explain the
strategy / technique in great detail, with full examples, and advice as
to exceptional conditions under which the strategy should be
avoided. This helps me to understand and apply it in a much more
intelligent and useful way than simply reading a brief paragraph or
two about it in a larger book.

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