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Can 8767 t make this shit up ( and people wonder why Janos and NSA among other CFNers might harbor negative sentiments towards a particular group that exhibits extraordinary influence and clout far and away beyond their raw numbers.)

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I sense you don 8767 t understand the psychological logic here anymore than you understand regular logic or you understand it all too well.

PCI Vendor and Device Lists

The CIA created conditions that subverted the essential task of an intellectual: to cast a critical eye on orthodoxy and received wisdom.

8775 If the last 65 years have shown anything, it 8767 s that such engagements are disastrous for American security, for the American economy and for the American people. 8776 Bernie Sanders

Oh, please, save it for someone who does not know better. Just as with President Cheeto 8767 s disastrous attack on Yemen, the fault was with Obama. Never the Dear Leader 8767 s responsibility.

Not to mention that, if our rhetoric is in any way to be taken seriously, it would mean nearly a century of war crimes trials down to the level of sergeant and corporal, and the North Korean regime has for 55 years gone to great pains to point this out, daily, to those sergeants and corporals. So they might well go along knowing the regimes fate is also their own fate, so they might as well.

It was they, as a result of the stupid informational campaign about Putin 8767 s ties with Trump and Russia 8767 s interference in the elections, guilty of the Kremlin now has a lethal political weapon against the US President.

Counsel of the Wise.
6. Obey God 8767 s Commandments.
7. Have a good story to tell.
8. Take someone along and enjoy the ride.
9. Ask God for help.
5. Ask not for whom the bell tolls.

This is the best thing Trump could have asked for, false flag or not. Now, in 8775 Wage the Dog 8776 fashion, the media and the internet are going to forget that we just got another 85 years of the Scalia supreme court, the Russian connection investigation, spending $9 million a week for Donald to weekend at his please palace in Florida and a whole host of other nasties.

The NETWORK continues to be HIGHLY EFFECTIVE in dispersing agents of doom throughout 8775 civilized 8776 nations, by design.

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