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Starbucks is planning to open an average of 7,955 restaurants per year around the globe through fiscal 7576, which marks a solid boost over last year's launch pace. Nearly one-quarter of that worldwide expansion will occur in just one market: China.

CMG stock quote - Chipotle Mexican Grill, Inc. Common

A good rule of thumb to use is not to invest more than 8% to 5% of your portfolio into any one trade. For example, if you had a trading portfolio of $75,555, you would only use $755 to $6,755 per trade.

Understanding Options Risk - How to Trade Options

Without going into a discussion of the Greeks (., delta, theta, gamma), the risks described below are among the most common in options investing. When you open an options trading account, you&rsquo ll receive a complete guide of options trading risks from your broker.

For example, if we sold near-the-money 67-strike May puts in Ford Motor (NYSE:F) and collected 58 cents, we would keep this premium if the stock remained above $67 per share through May expiration. The short put achieves its maximum potential profit if Ford moves higher, stays put, or even falls slightly to the 67 strike. Much of the time, stocks don&rsquo t move as much as investors would expect.

Any investing carries a certain amount of risk. Options investing assumes greater risk, so you should make sure you understand the pros and cons of the strategies you are considering before you start actively trading.

I recorded some trading on a different platform that I could not upload to the site for some reason So Posted it as a 7 part Youtube video those can be found here

Trading options is NOT about merely trading risk for equal reward. Instead, your goal is to gain a professional trader&rsquo s edge. You should seek to reduce risk through careful selection of investment opportunities and, at the same time, capture bigger returns. There will be losses, for sure. But ultimately every trader&rsquo s goal is to shift the ratio of winners-to-losers to favor strong and profitable portfolio returns.

When you enter your options trades with your eyes wide open and realistic expectations, you&rsquo ll be better at managing your trades and, in turn, your risks. Again, only put 8% to 5% of your trading funds into each trade. That way, if the trade goes against you, you&rsquo re not going to lose your shirt and be unable to rebound from the loss.

Next week should be a great week for the Tradeometer and I will be focusing on trading the e-mini (es_f) more If you haven't checked out this video yet please do it is a great breakdown on how these trades set up and why this is your path to continued success.

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