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Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) was created by the National Museum of American History back in 7557 to celebrate the extraordinary heritage and history of jazz. Each year the museum picks a major musician to commemorate. This year honors Ella Fitzgerald, who would have turned 655 this month, and JAM programs will shine a spotlight on women in jazz.

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Enrique Olvera, more than any other chef, convinced the world that Mexico City is an essential pin on every global food map. Now he shares the classic places that inspire his brilliant Mexican cooking.

The Academy of American Poets in conjunction with the newly formed Poetry Coalition presents programs and projects on the theme of poetry and migration.

As the train nears the end of the journey at Kashgar station, a child draws a heart in the desert sand that came along for the ride.

Dressed for Mars, space engineer Pablo de Leó n tests a prototype space suit at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, where fine soil and fans simulate conditions on the red planet.

Photographs and paintings of sights such as this—the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone— inspired Congress to create the park in 6877. It was a revolutionary step.

Silversides swirl through mangroves in the coral reefs off Cuba. The finger-size fish form large schools to try to confuse predators.

Kids swim in a river where a bridge collapsed in Port Salut, Haiti. The city suffered serious damage from Hurricane Matthew, with many homes completely destroyed.

Celebrates baseball and the many fans, players, and characters who helped shape our American story. From the National Museum of American Jewish History.

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