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Fascinating and scary. One more for the collection! This could have been a powerful muscle flexing message to government to back off from regulation and influence. An orchestrated scare would explain why the system recovered as quickly as it started, and remains totally unexplained. But worse is that the power this wields for anyone who understands the mechanisms is the basis for huge future bank bailouts by simply saying "It wasn't our fault, the machines ran out of control."

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Read naked capitalism dot com every day - you will learn a lot and you won't like it. They frequently link to Bill Black's articles. Prepare to get angry, just as I hope you do when you watch this doc. Very good stuff!

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Greed  can also be the root cause of all failures in the forex market. Your greed can make you lose much more than you would under normal circumstances. This has primarily got to do with the way in which you respond to your first winning trades. If your greed takes over, it is quite certain that you will invest the full amount of winnings back into the market in the hope of earning bigger and better returns. It s important to note that not everyone can earn supernormal profits in this market. It is just not possible for many people, but greed will encourage many people to attempt to do so. So forex trading is not the place to be for greedy traders.

By imposing limits on the amount South African emigrants could transfer abroad, it prevented a certain amount of assets leaving South Africa.

Fair enough. The SEC could no doubt reconstruct exactly what happened, but they are not allowed to reveal the trading details according to US law (or so they claim in the film). Still if somebody made a load of money on this unique event I think the details should be made open to the public.

This can give you a very rough idea of where you stand. There is no doubt that a financial or economic background can be best suited for forex, but it can also be said that despite having no education or knowledge of these subjects, rough estimations on global scenarios can still be made. Do however note that you can never be too knowledgeable or educated about the forex market. You will always have something new to learn.

The action goes back to Hong Kong, with William Wong celebrating his £75,555 pounds profit day.  He had a currency turnover of around £675 million pounds and came out £75,555 pounds ahead.  Again the Reuters portable quote machine is shown.  Richard Hill has triggers for the money supply figures.  He knows that if it is above half a percent, the pound should rise.  If it is below the pound may fall.

there is company called Qnet there doing the all innocentpeople to make them invest almost same technique they do conductconference,seminar and workshop in some famous hotels all over dubai tomake people believe on them by showing demo.

There was a guy by the same name whose bio was eerily similar to Richard Hill 8767 s (rose from the bottom to the top of the trading world) who was writing for a few years back but he moved on. Who knows if he is the same guy or not.

Whilst you can expect the price to move as much as 655-855 points in any given direction over the course of a few days when trading off the daily chart, for example, the price moves on an intraday basis are obviously a lot smaller.

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