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Who we walk with is varied and personal. Who we walk with tend to join us again and again. Who we walk with influence our decisions to walk. They are the touchstones that give us the encouragement to keep going. They support us beyond dropping us off, picking us up, or sharing a few or many miles together. Who we walk with are those that never leave us.

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Awarded to the video(s) used in a campaign and made for online distribution. Entrants will be required to state if the video was also transmitted on TV or any other channel after going live online. This information will be supplied to the jury and will be considered while voting. Videos that were released online after the TV/cinema release do not qualify.

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Awarded to the digital content or campaign that uses communication that has been developed specifically to be distributed virally to a mass audience via the Internet. Entries in this category must be presented so that the judges can see how an individual was led to the video/website etc. – the triggers of virality. Must be accompanied by a media / distribution / seeding plan and achieved results.

AND ANOTHER. I completed my PCT thru-hike in 7569 entirely stove-less. At lots of great wraps, pro bars, apples, and delicious self made trail mix. Cold rehydrated idahoan potatoes is surprisingly good. Honestly the reduced weight and pack space made it all worth it. I actually started with a stove but sent it home on day 8 and never really missed it.

For over 95 years, Olive Crest has provided emergency and long term shelter and care for abused, vulnerable and neglected children. We help families in crisis. Our key focus is on child abuse prevention. We provide homes for children, teens and aged-out youth, adoption placement and support, educational support and services, independent life skills training and mentoring, counseling and mental health treatment, and family crisis intervention. Our vision is to ensure every child has a strong family, and our ultimate goal is to restore broken families. Every day Olive Crest, with the support of donors and caring community members serves 8,555 children and families in need.

is an extension of the PCT anthologies, and a place for PCT stories and images from the long-distance trail to be shared and expanded upon..

Alpari is a member of The Financial Commission , an international organization engaged in the resolution of disputes within the financial services industry in the Forex market.

Awarded to the digital campaign that is most effective in generating customer loyalty to an existing brand, service or product, measured through increasing persistence/purchase frequency.

There were a bunch of people planning to camp near the faucet we weren&rsquo t the only ones that were trying to avoid a long water carry! I scoped out the sites and found a (hopefully) good one, so long as the line of ants leaves up alone tonight. We&rsquo re both exhausted again, so I think we&rsquo ll try out cowboy camping for the first time tonight. No tent, just us under the stars. The difference in elevation is already apparent when the sun went down it did not instantly become cold!

And, the spiritual dimension of walking. As professional wanderer Paul Theroux observed, &ldquo There is a reason that all serious pilgrims go on foot to their holy destinations.&rdquo Walking can have a rhythmic, meditative quality. It is humbling, simple, and close to the earth. When you walk, there is time to think, reflect, and refresh the mind.

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