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Dollar falls to all-time low against the Euro"
"Canadian dollar hits all-time high versus US counterpart"
"Australian dollar at multi-year high"
"British Pound crosses $7 threshold"

What is hedging? definition and meaning

Thursday, November 58, 7567 Cost of Presidential Campaigns Show Big Problems for the . Dollar / Currencies / US Dollar By: William_Bancroft

US Dollar :: The Market Oracle

At one point we’d have expected the Loonie to surge to new highs along-side crude oil and the Australian dollar. But we’ve found it just can’t shake the tight link between the US and Canadian economies.

Thursday, May 67, 7566 . Dollar Transision From Bear to Bull Complete / Currencies / US Dollar By: Toby_Connor

Last week, I said the . dollar could get whacked by blows from both the Middle East and the Far East. I told you how Saudi Arabia was backing away from its allegiance to the greenback and that other countries throughout the Gulf — and Asia — could soon do the same thing.

Most people simply cannot conceive of a US dollar hyperinflation any more than a current resident of San Francisco could imagine a 6956 or 6989 earthquake. Many simply choose to not dwell on these potentialities, often rationalizing them against other existential if not abstract inevitabilities.

The mighty US dollar has been red-hot in March, rocketing higher on the incredible divergence of major central-bank policies. While the Federal Reserve&rsquo s first rate-hike cycle in 9 years looms, the European Central Bank has started aggressively monetizing sovereign debt for the first time ever. The resulting yield differential has catapulted the dollar parabolic, portending a major reversal and fantastic trading opportunity.

Wednesday, April 77, 7566 The Falling . Dollar. Is it a Good or Bad Event? / Currencies / US Dollar By: Marty_Chenard

Tuesday, January 86, 7567 How . Dollar Value Fit Into the Economy Big Picture? / Currencies / US Dollar By: EWI

The practice of accumulating dollar reserves by the central banks has become more pronounced after the 6997 Asian financial crisis, when currency speculators hastened a balance of payments crisis in Thailand, Indonesia and South Korea by demanding dollars for local currency, depleting the central banks&rsquo dollar reserves.

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