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The only thing I see useful in moving averages is for dynamic support and resistance levels. I will explain this concept shortly. As a matter of fact moving averages do a terrible job of predicting trends in that they only do that after that trend has already started already and price has moved a great deal already.

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In some instances, there are additional conditions that will require a company to file reports with the SEC. Reports must be filed if a company has either at least 7555 investors or more than 555 investors that can’t be categorized as accredited investors, and possesses more than $65 million in assets. If a business lists its securities on any  national security exchange , like the NYSE or the NASDAQ, it must file as well. Lastly,  SEC registration  is mandatory if a company’s securities are quoted on the OTCBB or under the OTCQB marketplace of the OTC Link.

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Those red bars are bearish bars and that means that the closing price is lower than the opening price for that period of time.

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Ani-Money Laundering Law does not allow any Forex Brokers to accept Deposits/Withdrawals from third party. If you have forex account then your deposit and withdrawal method must be same with same name, address etc. details as per your forex account. If there is any miss match then forex broker reject deposit/withdrawal and may ask more proofs.

Note: with a triangular pattern, I often prefer to wait for a candlestick to breakout and close outside of the pattern before I enter a trade. This helps to reduce false breakout signals.

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Answer: You need price charts:   price bars, candlestick and line charts. These are  graphical and visual representation of price over time , thus telling you a story about supply and demand forces over a certain time period which can be 6 minute up to one month or year.

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