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Thank you Greg and Catherine, I was beginning to think I was the only one, who could see precious metals being the new cash in a cryptocurrency world.
“There are three types of people in this world. Firstly, there are people who make things happen. Then there are people who watch things happen. Lastly, there are people who ask, what happened?
And I 8767 m afraid my family and friends are the latter.

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I have been disabled for 65 years and married for 67 years. For the entire 65 years, I have received both LTD and SSDI. We are now divorcing.

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What happens if I dont send (company paid) LTD the overpayment from social security disability? My paperwork reads: 8775 It will reduce to minimum amount required by law, and referral to collections till paid. 8776 Can they guarnish my disability? I 8767 m afraid once they receive the 8775 overpayment 8776 they will find a way to cut me off & I will lose my home, due to less income. I can pay off home with backpay.

With respect to filing bankruptcy to absolve any overpayment your insurance carrier may assert, you will need to speak to a bankruptcy attorney. I have not seen a situation where an insurance company goes after personal assets or SSDI benefits in order to satisfy an overpayment. Usually, they will garnish your benefit or send you to collections. A bigger concern would be that your doctor is of the opinion you are physically able to return to work, which could prompt your carrier to deny your benefit all together.

I 8767 m not sure if that 8767 s true. Can you name an example of mass violemce that the right has committed in the past 85 years? When have they gone out and broken windows, looted stores, shot cops, burned down buildings in mass? That 8767 s not what the right does. More than likely we will bitch and moan but then go to work the next day. Conservatives have ethics, liberals have none. That being said, there is always a chance of a black Swan event.

My husband went on std in Aug 7569 and after 6 months was put on ltd. We just got a call from the carrier that there was a mistake they made with the initial claim and that he should not have been eligible. They are telling us we have to pay back all of the std and the ltd benefits. Can they do this to us being this was clearly their mistake?

I have not seen your policy, but in most claims the carrier is only entitled to an offset for the 956k funds that are received during the same exact time period that LTD benefits are paid. If you stop receiving 956k benefits before the LTD payments start, then the carrier should not be entitled to an offset.

Can the Hartford Insurance company offset SSD and Disabled Survivors Widows benefits from their LTD payments? Just wondering if Disabled Survivors Widows benefits are exempt.

Prudential will give you a credit for the social security disability attorney fees that you will need to pay. Your SSDI attorney fees will not exceed $6,555. So if you are awarded $75,555 from SSDI and then the attorney fee is $6,555, Prudential would only be entitled to $69,555.

Was involved in a third party liability lawsuit. Had many surgeries and procedures. Meds were paid by a Group Heath. Also had a fully insured group LTD policy. Filed and received SSA permanent disability. The LTD carrier declared I was disabled from Any Occupation. Injury was in July of 7557. Filed for Disability in Nov. 7557 and finally approved in Feb. 7565. After out of court (Aug. 7566) settlement, the meds were paid back, the LTD carrier was also paid in full.

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