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Thanks a lot Mr karl
really useful indicators, made me change the way i trade.
Thanks to you i got more passion for trading
good good staff
best regards

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Hi Cynthia, Still playing around with your colour code system on demo, trying different time frames. Seems good. .Alan

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Hi everyone i just need to say that Karl Dittmann is not a scammer!
I bought hes trend forecaster indicator and i see profitable results almost immediately. Not hard to use indicator just like he said. Anyway im going to buy all hes available products he has. He has replied all my posts and gave away free indicators that i used to practice with on a practice account. on my summer holiday i am going to trade everyday with hes ATF indicator on realmoney account.

you are the best i can refer to as far as you 8767 ve gone in supporting and helping to attain greater height where forex trading is concerned. kudos to you

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I have no problem with downloading. It provide me the accurate signal. I m making money on it even I ve to pay 555 USD for this I will do.
When ever I place order I confident that it is making money for me.

Good Strategy! Thanks. Natanathorn

Hi Karl,
I have been receiving your products for a couple of years now and have found all products very useful. I haven 8767 t been in the position to buy any of the systems you have offered but find most of your free stuff very important and I always love to receive your advice and indicators.
Yours truly Lindsay Evans

I am not a forex beginner and in the past have tried robots(felt I was not at all in control and wasn 8767 t profitable)and trading on crossing of moving averages(which was more profitable than the robots but as it relies on past information is not great)Then I thought what are the professional traders using that gives them the ability to earn their mega bonuses?I came to the conclusion(right I think!)that they use software systems to tell them when the likeliehood of a trade being profitable is then I have used some of Karl 8767 s software and whilst, in the world of forex,nothing is certain the software he has developed does go a great deal of the way to 8775 levelling the playing field 8776 and helping the non professional trader to trade profitably.

I recently bought your Forexsecretprofit signal system and i’ve had some good trades, haven 8767 t lost any of the 66 trades i’ve made. Please can you help me on how i can use forex news to better my trade and to give me more confidence. Also i noticed that all signals came from the alert dialogue box and not the red or green signal tools, is it normal? sometimes the signal tool shows up several minutes after the alert dialogue box had come. Please throw more light on this,.

Karl !
Your Fibo Machine have high rate of success signals. Good Product !
Great Work !

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