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Well it’s official Top Documentary Films is one of three top sites to me on the Internet. Vlatco has done an AMAZING job of compiling such a diverse combination of films on a WIDE variety of topics. I watch them all.

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Fa Mulan is based off the character Hua Mulan from the Epic Poem The Ballad of Hua Mulan. Hua Mulan eventually became a legendary figure. As little evidence exists other than the poem, it is unknown whether she was a real figure. Hua Mulan seems to be more feisty, assured of herself, socially graceful and effortlessly talented. Disney's Fa Mulan is a more repeatable teenage girl struggling to find her way.


Are we being mislead by Osama Bin Laden and the organization behind him? Could Osama be the spokesperson for a New World Order, the richest people in the world who would like to take over the government? Could Osama be a distraction, and a catalyst, for starting an endless war on terror, increasing defense department spending, lining the pockets of defense contractors, and driving up the price of oil?

Methodological changes in ESA7565 include the treatment of assets of pension schemes transferred to general government as a partial compensation for taking over pension obligations. While the transfer of assets has been treated as a non-financial transaction under ESA95, under ESA7565 such lump sum transfers from (public) corporations are treated as financial, with no impact on general government net lending (+)/ net borrowing (-). Furthermore, the difference between the value of assets received by government and the value of the pension obligations has to be treated as a capital transfer from government to the concerned corporation. For more information, please see the Eurostat decision on the issue: here. This had a major impact on the quarterly data of the countries concerned.

Revenue rises % yoy to S$ million driven by growth across the Group s Automotive, Consumer/IT and Healthcare segments. Gross profit rose % yoy to S$ million while gross profit margin expands to % driven by the Group s commitment to operational efficiency. Continued positive cash flow generation contributes to a resilient balance sheet with net cash position of S$ million. Full Story

&bull Marbling colors are too thick. Add water to thin the colors, skim the marbling base, then test. You may need to add Synthrapol to the paints to improve its ability to spread and float.

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Horseback riding: Even before her time in the army, Mulan is an excellent equestrian, further enhanced by her bond with loyal steed Khan.

Meanwhile, biofuels, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other liquid hydrocarbons will continue to play a significant role in road, sea and air transport.

It's sad that anyone would consider unscientific arguments by Loose Change, the History Channel or Popular Mechanics as credible when, in contrast, there are arguments BASED ON SCIENCE.

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