Zigzag trading strategies

all the books Ive read and the videos I have watched has never sound this easy, I wished I knew of your knowledge when I was blowing money or should I say giving away money.


Great article, especially the insights about the instant gratifications on 5min charts and its pitfalls, cheers, g
ps. it 8767 s better to go to a casino once in a while for a thrill..

Free Elliott Wave Strategies

I started dancing with the lower time frames on a demo account and walked away with acheing feet and my head spinning wondering what moves did I make. I now dance exclussively with the daily and on some occassion the 9hour charts and the steps which are given through your instructions allow me to sail acrose the floor.

Great stuff Nial
Totally agree with your excellent article
A couple of small points I would like to add please
It is possible to be a very profitable trader on the lower time frames BUT one must exercise the same sort of PATIENCE required for the Daily time frames (Don 8767 t over trade)
And..the lower time frames MUST suit your personal makeup(Type of person you are)
It is fair to say the larger time frames will not suit everyone, just as the shorter time frames will not suit many, many traders personal to sum up what a great article and learning to trade the time frame(s) that suit Your personal makeup with PATIENCE is critical
Thanks again Nial
Cheers Kevin(Zach)Harper

Greetings, do you factor in any particular time of day? Meaning, do you look at the markets for morning and/or night trading, or have a preference for either? Thanks in advance :) EC

Nial,you 8767 re so 8767 m a victim of lower timeframe,i was even trading this same lower timeframe while reading your will keep reading this article to change my weak knowledge about trading (trading the lower timeframe).i enjoyed every bit i read here so i just have to leave a comment and say A BIG THANKS TO YOU

You know how that old cliché goes about 8766 getting what you’ve always gotten from doing what you’ve always done 8766 …well now is the time to make the change…the one lesson that I learned early on in my trading career that helped me the most, was that the noise and false-signals of a 5 or 65 minute chart (lower time frames) were simply not worth spending my time on or risking my money on. I believe that daily chart trading can be your “Holy Grail” in the markets, here’s why…

You have just described my trading over the last 6 months. Can I make the switch (that I know I need to do)to the daily chart? The hard work starts now. Thanks Nial for your honest words

Thanks Nial. Great article as always. Really. I 8767 m a member since a long while and still appreciate all your articles. Especially this one. You made my day. =) Thanks

Great comment Nial, the best Id never read on forums since I began to trade with 6d, (I trade with 67 hrs as well) all was changed. I think some people will be able to trade properly just reading your post, and no time later like me! I will keep and recommend this site to newbies.

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