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Need no further evidence that this is a scam through and through. This scam is gonna be bigger than VenusFx and JJPTR combined!

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Recently my friend complain that he is facing a lot problem related to money transection. he request for withdrawal from E-wallet it has been rejected and advised withdraw from prefect money.

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It 8767 s something I realised and can be a real goal for anyone trading once you know how to make money from the markets, you need a PC/laptop/smart phone, internet connection, sort out your banking/finance infrastructure, and then you can live anywhere. My goal was to live a simpler life somewhere warm where I could wear t-shirts and shorts every day, not worry about the desk job, office politics, etc.

The broker is FX UNITED and whether you like it or not their de-registration NZ does not matter as they are still a broker with a platform which you can trade off.

I m trying to put the events in step by step, because i realized after those briefing n the explanation recently, many agents are still counting the 65-95 days or pondering about the $55k PM limit or not understand what 8767 s happening.

The system that we have is the best in the world and our competitors are aware of it. That is why they keep trying to shoot us down but we have always prevailed.

Truthfully i near want to invest in this shit through my best friend. But what i m curious about all the details such as UGHL, License to collect others money, to whom depositors give their money, how they can pay consistenly to depositors like they claim but it is not stated in their agreement upon this 8775 product 8776 at all from 6st time involving contract that trigger my mind there were something fishy about this whole thing from where it starts until end.

What are the next steps being taken by the investors? Are we aware of any mass gathering or reporting to be done by large groups of people to get the authorities moving to arrest the master scammers?

One of Dr Moothy 8767 s indian monkey told a member that it is the member 8767 s fault as they did not invite him to invest. Dont trust the three and also another dumb ass by the name of Bobby. They are all bastards. There a lot of people waiting to lynch these 9 SOBs.

They will also be filing a 689 (or something) in Malaysia against the local idiots. This depositors are also lawyers here.

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