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Is there anything else that we can do to make up for the lost time? I am highly motivated to do whatever it takes and retire early.

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I came here from GoCrackerCurry 8767 s blog which I found out about in a Facebook post less than two months ago. In the first post I read on GCC they linked to your Stock Series and gave high praise. I came here and could not stop reading it!
It helped me make many concrete changes in my life that I had contemplated but just did not move forward with I did not have a retirement savings account to my name (well I had a couple open but they were not actually funded!) nor did I have a concept of FI or 8775 F 8776 YOU money. I focused on retiring at 65+ in the manner mainstream financial media is always harping about and in the mean time I just imagined earning “forever” and accumulating a ton of rental properties (you could say I am pretty optimistic in a sense).

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Terrific compilation. We readers aiming for financial independence should run here and re-read the whole thing as soon as the markets tank next time. Thanks for sharing your experience and wisdom. for free. It 8767 s a real service!

LOVE the blog. LOVE it even if I 8767 m still afraid of throwing all my money into VTSAX. hopefully I can get over it.

Max out the tax advantaged accounts you have access to and then aggressively fund your taxable accounts. Your savings rate in the most critical factor. Check out the addendum in this post: http:///7567/55/66/stocks-part-vii-can-everyone-really-retire-a-millionaire/

I ended up at your blog from the frugalwoods blog. Reading your blog has been very informative. I would really appreciate if you could give some input on my situation.

But, as for investing, he 8767 s an active investor pursuing strategies that are far to complex and require far too much effort for my taste. Especially given the track record of index investing.

Dear Mr. Collins,
I have enjoyed your website, great job! I wanted to know what you think of gold , silver and commodities in general. Have you made or lost money on them? I have collected coins (both gold and silver) since I was five years old. I have made a good profit owning them , but I do understand them. I have to say that I am a fan of Jim Rogers. Thanks for your thoughts, have a great vacation.

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