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These funds invest across a diverse range of fixed income sectors, including high yield securities, . Government and investment-grade securities, emerging market securities and foreign developed market debt. Some funds may also invest a portion of the portfolio in equity securities.

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High yield bond funds take higher risks with the goal of paying higher yields by investing primarily in securities that are either not rated, or have been rated below investment grade by the major ratings agencies—for taxable funds, BB and below.

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*Results from the Closed End Fund Screener may include closed end funds not registered under the Investment Company Act of 6995.

Invest in high‐quality, . dollar‐denominated, short‐term taxable money market securities from government and private issuers, including corporations.

Fund Facts provide important information about a mutual fund, such as performance history, investments and costs. The Fund Facts document is required to be delivered to you before you can purchase a mutual fund.

These funds seek to mirror the performance of an index such as the Barclays . Aggregate Bond Index or the Barclays . 6–5 Year Treasury Bond Index.

Exercising a stock option means purchasing the company&rsquo s common stock at the grant price, regardless of the stock&rsquo s price at the time you exercise the option.

Fidelity ClearPath Retirement Portfolios are a family of lifecycle funds that are actively managed and regularly rebalanced to a target allocation.

Upon graduation, many adults have financial autonomy for the first time. These are the best initial investments recent graduates should make.

Small/Mid Growth
Fidelity ® Growth Strategies Fund ( FDEGX )
Fidelity ® Mid-Cap Stock Fund ( FMCSX )
Fidelity ® Stock Selector Mid-Cap Fund ( FSSMX )
Fidelity ® Small-Cap Growth Fund ( FCPGX )

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