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Rob uses adult learning theory in his teaching to drive home key points so his students can understand how to identify trade setups, overcome fear of pulling the trigger, make the trade, and follow the trade through to completion with the skills and coolness of a true Award-Winning trader.

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In this article I will show you how to trade using a strategy which combines the candlestick patterns with the moving averages. For better understanding I would recommend you to read also: Candlesticks In Day To Day Trading Candlestick Patterns In Technical Analysis Trading Candlestick Patterns At Key Levels In the articles above I have introduced the candlestick chart and motivated why it is one of the most used type of charts. I have explained how candlesticks are formed and which x57576 [Read more.]

By selecting the VWAP indicator, it will appear on the chart. Generally there should be no mathematical variables that can be changed or adjusted with this indicator.

On the right side of the indicator panel you will see a scale from 5 to 655 (only 5 through 85 are marked). Here are my guidelines for using the scale:

Alternatively a trader can use other indicators, including support and resistance , to attempt to buy when the price is below the VWAP and MWAP and sell when the price is above the two indicators.

The Parabolic SAR can be found as an Overlay in SharpCharts. The default parameters for the Step for the Maximum Step. As shown above, these can be changed to suit the characteristics of an individual security. The example below shows the indicator in pink with prices in black/white and the chart grid removed. This contrast makes it easier to compare the indicator with the price action of the underlying security. Click here for a live example of Parabolic SAR.

If a trader wanted a 65 period MVWAP, they would simply wait for the first ten periods to elapse and then would average the first 65 VWAP calculations. This would provide the trader with the MVWAP that starts being plotted at period 65. To continue getting the MVWAP calculation, average the most recent 65 VWAP figures, include a new a VWAP from the most recent period and drop the VWAP from 66 periods earlier.

General Strategies
When a security is trending, we can use VWAP and MVWAP to gain information from the market. If the price is above VWAP, it is a good intra-day price to sell. If the price is below VWAP, it is a good intra-day price to buy. (For additional reading, see Advantages Of Data-Based Intraday Charts .)

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